RitniGrid® grill converter

Few inventions and problem solutions are born without a relationship with the environment. In the development of the grill converter, the main idea has been to strengthen camping safety and ecology.

With the help of the RitniGrid® converter, you can enjoy safe grilling in nature without the waste of disposable grills, the risk of wildfires caused by hot coals and open flames, and the marks caused by campfires in the terrain.

Using the RitniGrid® converter as a smoker

With the RitniGrid® grill converter, the camping stove can also be used as a smoker. You can see how it 
happens in the video below.

RitniGrid® converter with Trangia frying pan

The RitniGrid® grill converter equalizes the heat coming from the burner to the Trangia frying pan. When using a frying pan with a grill converter, the pan heats up not only in the middle but more evenly over the entire area of ​​the pan, which makes frying more successful.