Ritnifjell Innovations OY

Ritnifjell Innovations OY manufactures and sells the internationally patent-protected RitniGrid® grill converter designed for camping stoves, which converts a camping stove into a grill.

With the grill converter, the camping stove can also be used as a smoker on hikes and trips. In addition, with the help of the grill converter, the Trangia frying pan heats up more evenly - the food does not burn in the middle of the pan and the frying result is more even.

The RitniGrid® converter works with all types of burners (gas, sprii, multi-fuel burner, etc.).

RitniGrid® converters are 100% handmade in Rovaniemi from Finnish steel. We are currently  manufacturing converters for Trangia's larger 25 series (Trangia’s windshield ⌀ 200mm) and smaller 27 series (Trangia’s windshield ⌀ 170mm).

Price €57 + delivery costs from €5.90. 

Ivalon Eräsoppi sells the RitniGrid® converters worldwide at https://xwander.com/

You can also order the converter by email: ritnifjellinnovations(at)gmail.com For e-mail orders, delivery times vary depending on order quantities. Delivery times have been around 10 days on average.

Put your name, address, phone number and Trangia model in the e-mail order.