Feedback from  customers

"Your product is special and ingenious. I think the grill converter you designed is the most important functional addition to the Trangia in 70 years. The structure and assembly of the converter is just like Trangia, so genius."

"This weekend I fried the first sausages with the grill converter. All in all, I'm satisfied, I plan to use it regularly."

"Top device"

"I paid attention to good finishing in mine."

"Ingredients of the invention of the year!"

"Works well, has been tested and found to be good. Thanks to the developer."

"Acquired and proven!"

"The Grill Converter adds great new possibilities when using the Trangia 25/27. This is truly a transformative innovation in the world of Trangia stoves."

"Last night I tried the converter for the first time. What an invention! The sausages were fried like they were on a grill. Thank you!"

"I bought the Ritnigrid for a couple of months ago to my Trangia 25.
Thank you very much for a great product.
Now the Trangia is complete."

"I cannot express enough how incredible this Ritnifjell Innovations Ritnigrid has been. It turns a Trangia stove into a grill that really works! We have smoked salmon, grilled shrimp, vegetables, and more. Another bonus is that I use it with our skillet to make pancakes. The plate of the grill allows for even heating of the skillet."