RitniGrid® grill converter User manual

When using the RitniGrid® grill converter, you must follow the operating instructions of the used camping stove. Special attention must be paid to the safe use of the camping stove. In addition, below are more detailed instructions for using the grill converter itself.

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To place in the camping stove: 

1. When using the RitniGrid® grill converter heat distribution plate (Figure, 1.) is placed on the supports of the smallest pot in the camping stove set.

2. The bracket (Figure, 2.) connects the heat distribution plate and the grill grid to each other. When in place, the upper part of the bracket rests against the surface of the grill grid, and the part of the bracket below the heat distribution plate descends close to the burner.

3. Grill grid (Figure, 3.) is placed on the hinge points of the pot holders at the top of the camping stove.

Grilling with the RitniGrid® converter

4. Never leave the RitniGrid® grill converter unsupervised during use.

5. The heat distribution plate is very hot during grilling and there is a risk of a grease fire if the burner is at high power for very fatty items to be grilled. If necessary, be prepared to adjust the burner power to a lower level and/or to extinguish a possible grease fire.

6. The RitniGrid® converter is intended for outdoor use. It should not be used for grilling, for example, inside a tent.

7. The RitniGrid® converter produces cooking heat with a gas and multi-fuel burner as soon as it is installed. It takes more time to reach the frying temperature with a sprii burner. When grilling with a Sprii burner, you should use the purest possible ethanol as fuel.

Other things related to use:

- It is good to use a fabric protector (for example, a strong kitchen cloth) on top of the grill converter packed inside the camping stove kit, which protects the camping stove pan on the lid from scratches. 

- RitniGrid® converter is made of steel, so rust staining may form on the surface of the converter parts. The best way to avoid rust stains is to clean the converter carefully after use, for example with soapy steel wool, and dry the parts of the converter carefully. 

- The parts of the grill converter (frying surface, bracket, heat distributor) can be detached from each other easily, which makes cleaning easier. 

- Before longer storage, the parts of the grill converter can be treated with cooking oil if desired. 

Have a great time with grilling!